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Version Number 5.1, last Updated 24 of April 2019


1.1. References herein to "You", "Your" or the "Player" as appropriate are references to you.

1.2. By using and/or visiting the online casino section of a Sporting Index website (the "Casino") You agree to be bound by:

1.2.1. these Casino terms and conditions hereunder;

1.2.2. the Casino privacy policy which can be read at here;

1.2.3. any individual Casino game rules; and

1.2.4. any terms and conditions relating specifically to Casino promotions, bonuses and/or special offers which may be advertised to You from time to time.

1.3. All of the terms and conditions listed above shall together be referred to as the "Casino Terms".

1.4. Please read the Casino Terms carefully before accepting them. If You do not agree to be bound by the Terms please do not continue to use the Casino. Your continued use of the Casino constitutes acceptance of the Casino Terms.


2.1. The Casino is operated and managed independently of Sporting Index Ltd by EveryMatrix Software Ltd., registration number C51832 and having its registered address at Suite 10, Level 4, Portomaso Business Tower, Vjal Portomaso, St. Julians, STJ 4011, Malta. EveryMatrix Software Ltd. is licensed and regulated by virtue of a Combined Remote Operating License number 000-039383-R-319384-002 issued on 11 June 2015 by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission ("UKGC").

2.2. References herein to "Us", "Our," "We" or the "Company" as appropriate are references to EveryMatrix Software Ltd which is the party with whom You are contracting with when You place bets at the Casino.


3.1. We may need to update the Casino Terms for a number of reasons, including in order to comply with new laws or regulations, or for customer service or commercial reasons. The most up-to-date Casino Terms can always be accessed here, and the date on which they came into force is noted.

3.2. Where We make material changes to the Casino Terms, We shall notify You in advance.


4.1. In order to place a bet via the Casino, You will need to have an account for the Casino ("Casino Account"). This is a separate account from Your Sporting Index account, but You may transfer available monies from Your Sporting Index account. For further details of the inter-relationship between Your Sporting Index account and Your Casino Account please see the Sporting Index Account Operating Rules at this link: https://www.sportingindex.com/account-operating-rules

4.2. We make no warranties or representations as to whether Your accessing and/or use of the Casino or Our services therein is compliant with applicable laws in the jurisdiction in which You are located and You warrant that online gambling is not illegal in Your jurisdiction.

4.3. For various legal or commercial reasons, We do not permit Casino Accounts to be opened by, or used from, persons based or domiciled in certain jurisdictions. You may not use the Casino and/or Our services therein if You are located in a prohibited jurisdiction. The fact that the Casino is accessible in a prohibited jurisdiction, or that the Casino is provided in the official language of a prohibited jurisdiction, shall not be construed as condoning the use of the Casino in such prohibited jurisdiction. Any attempt to evade this restriction (e.g. by using a VPN, proxy or similar service that masks or manipulates the identification of Your real location, or by otherwise providing false or misleading information regarding Your location, citizenship, or place of residence, or by making Casino bets through a third party or on behalf of a third party located in a prohibited jurisdiction) is a breach of these Casino Terms and may constitute a criminal offence under applicable laws. If it becomes apparent, or We have reasonable grounds to suspect, that You are located in any of the prohibited jurisdictions, this may result in Us closing Your Casino Account, without an obligation to provide You with advance notice, freezing the funds therein and providing the applicable details to any relevant authorities and You shall compensate Us for any damage or loss resulting therefrom.

4.4. When attempting to open an account or using the Casino from any other jurisdiction it is the responsibility of the Player to verify whether gambling is legal in that particular jurisdiction. You are responsible for ensuring that You comply with any laws applicable to gambling online in the country in which You are located and/or are a resident of. You must not access the Casino and/or open a Casino Account from within a jurisdiction that prohibits online gambling; nor must You do so if You are a citizen of a country that prohibits its citizens from participating in online gambling, irrespective of their location.

4.5. Your personal information, which was entered upon registration with Sporting Index Ltd, including Your name, date of birth, and appropriate contact details, including an address, telephone number and email address ("Your Contact Details") will be used to contact You when appropriate.

4.6. You hereby acknowledge and accept that, by using the services at the Casino, You may both win and lose money.

4.7. We will use Your Contact Details when opening Your Casino Account. You may only have one Casino Account.

4.8. By transferring money from Your Sporting Index account into Your Casino Account You agree that You have been informed about the following: under our UKGC licence obligations, We are required to inform You that player funds are kept in designated accounts which are separate from the Company's business accounts. In the event of insolvency, player funds would form part of the assets of the Company. This meets the UKGC's requirements for segregation of player funds at a basic level. For further information, please see: www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/consumers/protection_of_customer_funds.aspx

4.9. The Company can, under certain circumstances, credit Your account with so called 'bonus money' ("Bonus") in accordance with a special promotion or similar. The conditions for the crediting of the Bonus (e.g. First Deposit Bonus) and the amount of the Bonus is determined by the Company and is clearly detailed within the Casino environment from time to time. For promotions that are currently running please follow this link.

4.10. The amount of any Bonus is stated separately on Your Casino Account. It will only be paid out once it has been transformed into real cash winnings. If Your Casino Account contains both Your own money and Bonus money, the Bonus money will only be available for wagering once the Your own money has been used. Specific Bonus conditions may be published within the Casino environment with the launch of specific Bonus schemes. If You transfer out of Your Casino Account Your own money before You have fulfilled the applicable Bonus conditions then the Bonus amount and all winnings from this Bonus will be forfeited. If any bets are placed with a Bonus balance, then the Bonus cannot be cancelled.


5.1. You warrant that:

5.1.1. You are not younger than the higher of: 18 (eighteen) years; or any legal age at which gambling activities under the law or jurisdiction that applies to You requires (the "Legal Age");

5.1.2. Your Contact Details that You supplied to Sporting Index Ltd which are then supplied to Us for opening Your Casino Account are correct;

5.1.3. You are the rightful owner of any money in Your Casino Account and such money is not derived from any activity which is illegal; and

5.1.4. You are a resident in a jurisdiction where gambling is lawfully permitted;

5.2. The Company complies with European laws, regulations and guidelines for the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing. Suspicious transactions and associated activities will be investigated by the Company and, if necessary, a suspicious activity report will be made by Us to the relevant competent authorities. In any such event, the Company is prohibited from informing any players or third parties involved, save in limited circumstances, that an investigation is being or may be carried out, or that information has been or may be transmitted to the competent authorities. Furthermore, in the event of any suspicious transactions activities, the Company may suspend, block or close the Casino Account(s) of the relevant player(s) and withhold funds as may be required by law and/or by the competent authorities.

5.3. All transactions made by players using the Casino are checked to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing and all other illegal activity.

5.4. By agreeing to the Casino Terms You authorise Us to undertake verification checks as We may require ourselves or may be required by third parties (including relevant regulatory bodies) to confirm Your identity and Your Contact Details and to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing and in order to verify if You are subject to a sanctions regime (collectively the "Checks").

5.5 The identity of the player (name, age and address) will be verified before deposit and before the player can access play-for-free versions of the games. Your Account will remain blocked until you have provided us with such information. If you do not or cannot provide us with such information, then we reserve the right to permanently close your Account. To complete your identification, we will ask you for:
5.5.1 Passport, national identity card or driving license together with selfie and a recent utility bill (e.g. gas, electric, water, internet, council tax, bank statement or building society statement) less than three months old;
5.6 In certain circumstances we may have to contact you and ask you to provide further information to us in order to complete the Checks. This includes:
5.6.1 Proof of ownership of payment method – depending on the deposit method used, this may include a copy of the credit card used, screen shot of the e-wallet or a recent bank statement;
5.6.2 A signed source of wealth declaration and any supporting documentation as to the declared source of wealth, including but not limited to, bank statements, payslips, sale of shares or other investments, company sale, profit from company, dividends, income or savings from employment, sale of property, inheritance, maturity or surrender of life assurance policy, insurance claims, compensation payment, lottery/betting/ casino win, loan and gifts. We retain the right to lock Your Player Account and suspend any further deposits and/or withdrawals, if you fail to provide us with the information and documentation requested.
5.7 Conducting account fraud, use of Duplicate Accounts, manipulation or alteration in any way on the required documents to complete our Checks, manipulation of our software or Website, exploitation of loopholes or other technical forms of abuse or other behaviour which amounts to deliberate cheating are not permitted and constitute a material breach of these Terms. In any of these cases we reserve the right to confiscate your winnings and deposits, any Bonus Funds and permanently block Your Player Account.
5.8 In the event that we detect multiple accounts, same IP address or computer device, family, residential address, telephone number, credit or debit card and/or e-payment account, e-mail address, and/or environments where computers are shared (university, school, public library, workplace, etc.), we reserve the right to confiscate your Bonus Funds and winnings and suspend Your Player Account.


6.1. In order to place wagers at the Casino, You will be required to transfer funds from Your Sporting Index Account into a separate wallet linked to Your Casino Account to provide a positive balance against which You may place Casino wagers. You are not able to deposit funds directly into the Casino wallet from a bank account or card or e-wallet.

6.2. If You have a positive cash balance on Your Casino Account wallet You may elect at any time to transfer those funds back to Your Sporting Index Account, subject to any restrictions under these Casino Terms. Funds may not be withdrawn directly from Your Casino Account wallet to a bank account, card or e-wallet. In the event that You wish to withdraw a positive balance from Your Casino Account wallet, the funds must be transferred back to Your Sporting Index Account and You may then request a withdrawal to Your bank account, registered card or e-wallet, limited always to the positive cash balance on Your Sporting Index Account.


7.1. The following activities are not allowed and constitute a material breach of the Casino Terms:

7.1.1. colluding with third parties;

7.1.2. using unfair advantage or influence (commonly known as cheating), including the exploitation of a fault, loophole or error in Our software, the use of automated players (sometimes known as 'bots'); or the exploitation of an 'error';

7.1.3. undertaking fraudulent activities to Your advantage;

7.1.4. taking part in any criminal activities including money laundering and any offence with criminal repercussions; and

7.2. We will take all reasonable steps to prevent the aforementioned activities, to detect them and to detect any associated players and to deal with the relevant players appropriately. We will not be liable for any loss or damage which You or any other player may incur as a result of collusive, fraudulent or otherwise illegal activity, or cheating, and any action We take in respect of the same will be at Our sole discretion.

7.3. If You suspect a person is colluding, cheating or undertaking a fraudulent activity, please report it to Us by emailing enquiries@sportingindex.com.

7.4. We reserve the right to inform relevant authorities, other gambling operators, online service providers and banks, credit card companies, electronic payment providers or other financial institutions of Your identity and of any suspected unlawful, fraudulent or improper activity, and You agree to cooperate fully with Us to investigate any such activity We suspect may be linked to Your Casino Account.

7.5. We reserve the right to terminate games in any instance mentioned in the preceding clauses and in any other instance were any sort of abuse is detected. Evidence in respect of the above will be based on the size/volume/number or pattern of bets placed with Us (across all Our partners, not just Sporting Index).

7.6. Monies transferred into Your Casino Account should be commensurate with your intended level of game play. If We have a suspicion of abuse (e.g. when total monies transferred in are significantly more than is required to support the level of game play and the Player requests a withdrawal in relation to those deposited amounts; We reserve the right to cancel the respective funds transfers in part or in full, to recover from You any costs that may have reasonably resulted in respect of the same and to close Your Casino Account. In such instances, We also reserve the right to request additional copies of personal identification prior to Us processing any withdrawal request, and the processing of such a request shall be entirely at Our discretion.


8.1. You agree not to use the Casino for any purpose which is considered to be defamatory, abusive, obscene, racist, sexist, discriminatory, or offensive. You must not use any abusive or aggressive language or images; swear, threaten, harass or abuse any other person, including other users, or behave in such a manner towards any Company employee or representative.

8.2. You shall not corrupt the Casino, flood the Casino with information so as to cause the Casino to not function, nor use any features which may affect the function of the Casino in any way for example (but not limited to) releasing or propagating viruses, worms, logic bombs or similar. Any multiple submissions or 'spam' are strictly prohibited. You must not interfere or tamper with, remove or otherwise alter in any way, any information in any form which is included on the Casino.

8.3. You shall use the Casino for Your personal entertainment only and You are not allowed to reproduce the Casino or any part of it in any form whatsoever without Our express consent.

8.4. You must not attempt to gain unauthorised access to the Casino, the servers on which the Casino is stored or any server, computer or database connected to the Casino. You must not attack the Casino via a denial-of-service attack or similar. We will report any such suspected breach of this clause to the relevant law enforcement authorities and We will cooperate with those authorities by disclosing Your identity to them. In the event of such a breach, Your right to use the Casino will cease immediately.

8.5. We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by a distributed denial-of-service attack, viruses or other technologically harmful material that may infect Your computer equipment, computer programs, data or other proprietary material due to Your use of the Casino or to Your downloading of any material posted on such Casino, or on any website linked to the Casino.

8.6. It is prohibited to sell, transfer and/or acquire Casino Accounts from other players.


9.1. The Company reserves the right to refuse to open a Casino Account for an individual and to close a Casino Account which has already been opened at its sole discretion. Notwithstanding, any contractual obligations already or entered into will be honoured.


10.1. We may, in Our absolute discretion, alter or amend any product offered via the Casino at any time for the purpose of maintaining the Casino.


11.1. Where unexpected system flaws, faults or errors occur in the software or hardware which We use to provide the Casino We will take immediate steps to remedy the problem. Where such problems cause a game to be interrupted in such a way that it cannot be restarted from exactly the same position without any detriment to You or other players, We will take all reasonable steps to treat You in a fair manner. This may include reinstating a previous balance figure on Your Casino Account and reverting to the position that existed immediately following completion of the last bet or game logged immediately prior to the occurrence of the problem.

11.2. In the event of a disconnection from Casino games, when You reconnect to the Casino and return to the game that You were playing, You will be prompted to resume Your unfinished game (if there was an outstanding action, such as by way of example whether to hit or stand in Blackjack), save that when You are playing any of our live games (which conclude in real time), any inaction by a player will be taken as the player's choice and the game will continue and end naturally. For games where no additional action is required from You after placing a bet (by way of example, a slot machine), the disconnection will not have affected the game, and You will have the same chance of winning as if You had watched the outcome on Your screen.

11.3. We do not accept any liability for technical failures which are caused by Your equipment used to access the Casino or faults which relate to Your internet service provider.

11.4. When You access the Casino You should be aware that You may be using equipment or a connection which is not as fast as that used by other players. This may have an impact on Your performance in time critical events offered on the Casino.


12.1. A number of circumstances may arise where a bet is accepted, or a payment is made, by us in error. Reasonable efforts are used to prevent errors or omissions, however system problems or human error may lead to such circumstances. Such circumstances may include, without being limited to, the following scenarios:

12.1.1. miscalculation (including due to human error) of bonuses, winnings or returns paid to you;

12.1.2. errors or omissions resulting from prohibited activities.

12.2. We reserve the right to either correct any error made on a bet placed and re-settle the same at the correct price or terms which were available or should have been available at the time that the bet was placed and the bet will be deemed to have taken place on the terms which were usual for that bet; or in cases where the correction or resettlement of the bet is not possible, to declare such bet void and refund the stake in question back into Your Casino Account.

12.3. Neither We (including our employees or agents) nor our partners or suppliers shall be liable for any loss including loss of winnings that results from any error by us or an error by you. You will forfeit any winnings/losses that result from any such error.


13.1. Your access to, and use of the services offered via, the Casino is at Your sole option, discretion and risk.

13.2. We will provide the Casino with reasonable skill and care and substantially as described in the Casino Terms. We do not make any other promises or warranties in respect of the Casino, or the services offered via the Casino, and hereby exclude (to the extent permitted by law) all implied warranties in relation to the same.

13.3. We shall not be liable to You in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for any business losses, including but not limited to loss of data, profits, revenue, business, opportunity, goodwill, reputation or business interruption or for any losses which are not currently foreseeable by us arising out of the Casino Terms or Your use of the Casino or the services therein.


14.1. You shall compensate Us in full for any claims, liabilities, costs, expenses (including legal fees) and any other charges that may arise as a result of Your breach of the Casino Terms.

14.2. Where You are in material breach of the Terms, We reserve the right, but shall not be required, to:

14.2.1. provide You with notice (using Your Contact Details) that You are in breach requiring You to immediately cease the relevant act or failure to act;

14.2.2. suspend Your Casino Account so that You are unable to place bets or play games on the Casino;

14.2.3. close Your Casino Account with or without prior notice from us; and

14.2.4. recover from Your Casino Account the amount of any pay-outs, Bonuses or winnings which have been affected by any material breach.

14.3. We have the right to disable any user identification code or password if in our reasonable opinion You have failed to comply with any of the provisions of the Casino Terms.


15.1. All Casino design, text, graphics, music, sound, photographs, video, the selection and arrangement thereof, software compilations, underlying source code, software and all other material contained within the Casino are subject to copyright and other proprietary rights which are either owned by Us, by Sporting Index Ltd, or are used under licence from third party rights owners. To the extent that any material contained on the Casino may be downloaded or printed then such material may be downloaded to a single personal computer only and hard copies may be printed solely for Your own personal and non-commercial use.

15.2. Under no circumstances shall the use of the Casino grant to You any interest in any intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyright, know-how or trademarks) owned by Us, by Sporting Index Ltd or by any third party whatsoever.

15.3. No rights whatsoever are granted to use or reproduce any trade names, trademarks or logos which appear on the Casino except as specifically permitted in accordance with the Casino Terms.

15.4. Furthermore, You warrant that You shall not circumvent in any way the intellectual property rights of gaming software providers or any other third party owners of such rights. Any breach of this requirement which We become aware of will trigger us to notify within a reasonable timeframe the respective intellectual property right owner so that they may undertake appropriate enforcement action.


16.1. We are required to comply with UK and European data protection requirements in the way in which We use Your Contact Details or any other personal information collected from You during the course of Your use of the Casino (collectively "Your Personal Information"). We therefore take very seriously Our obligations in relation to the way in which We handle Your Personal Information.

16.2. By providing us with the Your Personal Information, You consent to Us processing such information for the purposes set out in these Casino Terms, for operating the Casino or to comply with Our legal or regulatory obligations.

16.3. The Company will not disclose any of Your Personal Information to anyone other than those employees that reasonably require access to Your data to provide You with a service in relation to the Casino.

16.4. We will retain copies of any communications that You send to Us (including copies of any emails) in order to maintain accurate records of the information that We have received from You.

16.5. You have the right to their personal data held by Us in accordance with the applicable data protection laws. You are also entitled to request that We change, amend or delete Your Personal Information.

16.6. The Company will use all responsible means in accordance with good industry practice to protect player data however we will not be liable should a third party unlawfully seize such data.

16.7. We are obliged to forward any information to the relevant authorities in case of fraudulent or suspicious behaviour. By accepting these Casino Terms, You are giving us Your permission to verify any of Your Personal Information by using third party databases.


17.1. The Casino uses 'cookies' to assist the functionality of the Casino. A cookie is a small file of text which is downloaded onto Your computer when You access the Casino and it allows us to recognise when You come back to the Casino. Information on deleting or controlling cookies is available at www.aboutcookies.org. Please note that by deleting our cookies or disabling future cookies You may not be able to access certain areas, functions or features of the Casino.


18.1. If You wish to make a complaint regarding the Casino, first step should be to contact Sporting Index customer services on enquiries@sportingindex.com. If Sporting Index customer services are unable to resolve the issues, they will escalate it to Us.

18.2. In the event of any dispute, You agree that the records of Our servers shall act as the final authority in determining the outcome of any claim.

18.3. You agree that in the unlikely event of a disagreement between the result that appears on Your screen and the game server, the result that appears on the game server will prevail, and You acknowledge and agree that Our records will be the final authority in determining the terms and circumstances of Your participation in the relevant Casino activity and the results of this participation (including without limitation the settlement of any Casino wager).


19.1. We will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under the Casino Terms that is caused by events outside Our reasonable control, including, without limitation, acts of God, war, civil commotion, interruption in public communications networks or services, industrial dispute or DDOS-attacks and similar Internet attacks having an adverse effect ("Force Majeure"). Our performance is deemed to be suspended for the period that the Force Majeure event continues, and We will have an extension of time for performance for the duration of that period. We will use our reasonable endeavours to bring the Force Majeure event to a close or to find a solution by which our obligations may be performed despite the Force Majeure event.


20.1. If We fail to insist upon strict performance of any of Your obligations or if We fail to exercise any of the rights or remedies to which We are entitled, this shall not constitute a waiver of such rights or remedies and shall not relieve You from compliance with such obligations.

20.2. A waiver by us of any default shall not constitute a waiver of any subsequent default. No waiver by Us of any of the provisions of the Casino Terms shall be effective unless it is expressly stated to be a waiver and is communicated to You in writing in accordance with the above.


21.1. If any of the Casino Terms are determined to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable to any extent, such term, condition or provision will to that extent be severed from the remaining terms, conditions and provisions which will continue to be valid to the fullest extent permitted by law. In such cases, the part deemed invalid or unenforceable shall be amended in a manner consistent with the applicable law to reflect, as closely as possible, Our original intent.


22.1. The Casino Terms shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. The courts of England and Wales will have non-exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes in relation thereto.


23.1. We are committed to endorsing responsible gaming as a policy of customer care and social responsibility. We believe it is our responsibility to You to ensure that You enjoy Your wagering experience on the Casino, while remaining fully aware of the social and financial harms associated with problem gambling. Accordingly We have put in place the following controls:

23.1.1. Transfer Limits: You may set financial limits related to transfers to your casino account by contacting Sporting Index Customer Services. Once these limits are set You will not be able to exceed these limits. Limits can be amended at any time. A decrease in the transfer limit will take effect immediately, but an increase can only occur after a 24 hour cooling-off period, in order to avoid rash decisions. If You require any further information or assistance regarding responsible gaming, please contact Sporting Index Customer Services.

23.1.2. Self-exclusion: If You feel that You may have lost control of Your gambling on the Casino, We provide a self-exclusion facility which can be activated by contacting selfexclusion@everymatrix.com. Self-exclusion will happen within 24 hours from the time that We receive Your request for self-exclusion. You must clearly state why You want to self-exclude and for what period, which may be no less than 6 months. Note that self-exclusion is for individuals that experience problems with gambling. Therefore, by enforcing self-exclusion You acknowledge that You may have a problem and exhibit vulnerability to gambling. Your Casino Account will remain closed for a minimum period of 6 months and cannot be reactivated during this period. Also, in accordance with Our licence obligations You will be automatically excluded from other websites managed or operated by Us on which You have registered. This will occur no later than 5 working days after Your initial self-exclusion request has been received by Us. If Your self-exclusion instructions include a request not to be self-excluded on other websites managed by Us, a reason for this must be provided. Your Casino Account will remain closed after the end of the self-exclusion period unless You yourself take positive action to resume gambling by contacting us at selfexclusion@everymatrix.com. For additional information regarding self-exclusion and player protection, please visit our Responsible Gaming section. We will use our reasonable endeavours to ensure compliance with Your self-exclusion. However, You acknowledge that the primary responsibility for controlling Your behaviour lies with You and accept that We will not be liable if You continue gambling and/or seek to use the Casino and We fail to recognise or determine that. Should you self-exclude from at least one of the websites managed and operated by us and afterwards, during the applicable self-exclusion period, succeed in opening an account, all of your bets shall be voided by us and all of your deposits will be returned to You, with an applied deduction equivalent of the transaction processing fees. We also recommend that consideration is given to the installation of software that will allow You to block access to internet gambling websites. See sub-clause 23.1.5.

23.1.3. Standard account closure: This should be used only if You do want to take a temporary break from gambling for a brief period and it can be revoked at any time. If You wish to request account closure, please email enquiries@sportingindex.com, stating the period You wish to have Your Casino Account closed for, as well as a reason as to why Your Casino Account should be closed. Standard account closure may be used for any reason, with the exception of problem gambling. Note that Sporting Index customer services can assist You with most issues You might have related to use of the Casino including questions about promotional campaigns.

23.1.4. Underage gambling: It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to gamble on the Casino. Sporting Index Ltd carry out age verification checks on all players. Additionally, We carry out further independent age verification checks. Please note that anyone under the age of 18 found to be using the Casino must forfeit any winnings and may also be reported to the authorities.

23.1.5. Filtering systems: These allow parents to regulate access to the internet, based on chosen criteria. Parents can use filters to prevent their children from accessing, amongst other things, gambling websites. If You share Your computer with friends or family who are under the legal age to register or bet, or have requested self-exclusion from gambling sites, please consider parental filtering solutions

23.2. We are committed to supporting responsible gambling initiatives and encourage You to find information about responsible gambling at the websites of the following organisations:

The National Council on Problem Gaming - http://www.ncpgambling.org/

GamCare UK - http://www.gamcare.org.uk/

Gamblers Anonymous UK - http://www.gamblersanonymous.org.uk/

Gamblers Anonymous - http://www.gamblersanonymous.org/

Gambling Therapy - https://www.gamblingtherapy.org/


24.1. Where We provide hyperlinks to other websites, We do so for information purposes only. You use any such links at Your own risk and We accept no responsibility for the content or use of such Casinos, or for the information contained on them.


25.1. The Company endeavours to provide a high quality service to its players at all times. However, players may for various reasons feel that they are not satisfied with the level and/or quality of service and may wish to file a complaint. Aggrieved players may send an email to enquiries@sportingindex.com with as much detail as possible.

25.2. Sporting Index's customer services team will endeavour to resolve Your complaint in the first instance. If they are unable to do so they will escalate the matter to Our customer support team who will attempt to handle Your complaint as soon as reasonably possible. If Our support team cannot resolve the complaint they will escalate it to Our management for resolution.

25.3. In any event You will receive a response to Your complaint within a period of 10 working days.

25.4. In the event that a complaint is not resolved by Us to Your satisfaction, the complaint becomes a dispute and You may escalate the dispute to an independent third party alternative dispute resolution entity. We use eCOGRA, a UKGC-recognised alternative dispute resolution entity. Disputes may be filed using the form at this website: http://www.ecogra.org/ata/dispute.php. Your submission must contain clear and detailed information about Your identity and the relevant details of Your complaint. eCOGRA will settle Your dispute in accordance with English law. The outcome of each dispute referred to eCOGRA will be notified to the UKGC, consistent with Our licence obligations.


26.1. The maximum pay-out (being the total winnings) from the Casino to any individual Player is £500,000 (or currency equivalent) in any 24 hour period. Once this maximum pay-out has been reached, We shall void any further Casino bets.

Please note: spread betting can result in losses greater than your initial deposit or credit limit. For more information see our Risk Disclosure Notice.